Yet not, on the absence of groups having bisexual individuals within the Korea, attaining the greatest test was out of reach

The outcome associated with the studies must be felt during the limitations from testing. We made an effort to recruit a whole lot more players by creating the study through numerous channels such as individual relationships, Lgbt top-notch and you will college student connections, on the web Gay and lesbian communities, and you can social networking. Nonetheless, this new employment away from players was challenging and you may finished which have an example of eight. I think that brand new try measurements of eight are brief so you can represent Korean bisexual people, even though the percentage of Korean people which select just like the Gay and lesbian enjoys not ever been surveyed and you can stays unfamiliar. For this reason, brand new conclusions of data should be considered exploratory and translated which have alerting.

At exactly the same time, the brand new attempt is actually biased when it comes to many years and you may relationship reputation. All of the players but you to definitely were within their twenties, and only that new member was hitched, that could limit the transferability of results so you’re able to a nationwide attempt. Including, because of the median decades initially relationships both for men and ladies in Korea is in their thirties, bisexual some body within their thirties otherwise old might think concerning the judge safety and public detection that good heterosexual relationship can have in Korean community more than those who work in their twenties. We feel you to definitely an even more varied shot may have yielded some other findings (specifically in regards to age and marital status). Coming browse could emphasize higher variety and you will sufficient size regarding the decide to try. Fundamentally, all of our research merely provided cisgender bisexuals as we’re going to stop generalizing this new findings so you can organizations that may has additional experience regarding those of cisgender bisexual organizations. But not, coming knowledge is to run those who are transgender and you may bisexual to understand more about how gender title intersects having sexuality.

Study accessibility declaration

Brand new datasets shown on this page aren’t offered just like the members of this data did not promote authored consent for their research to-be common in public places. Desires regarding your datasets shall be directed towards relevant author.

Integrity statement

Ethical opinion and you can approval was not necessary for the analysis to your people participants according to the regional laws and regulations and you may organization conditions. The new patients/players offered its composed told consent to take part in this research.

Publisher contributions

JP invented the analysis tip, analyzed the info, grabbed top honors on paper this new manuscript, and monitored the last manuscript. South carolina did study collection, reviewed the info, and you may contributed to composing the original europa vs Amerika vet forskjellen manuscript. The people led to the content and you can recognized the fresh new recorded version.

Dispute interesting

Brand new people claim that the research are conducted regarding the lack of any commercial or financial matchmaking that would be construed just like the a potential disagreement interesting.

Publisher’s note

Every claims indicated in this article is actually just those of article writers and do not always portray that from their associated organizations, otherwise that from the fresh journalist, the brand new writers and also the reviewers. Any product which could be examined on this page, or declare that can be created by its brand name, isn’t protected otherwise supported by copywriter.


New writers desires share the gratitude in order to professionals to possess the generous benefits on the analysis, Namkoong Mi to own her assist in the brand new interviews process, Hyojeong Yoon to possess their own participation from the study studies techniques, and finally Heeje Son to possess their visit about blog post.


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