There are certain signs away from biological sex, and sex chromosomes, gonads, internal reproductive organs, and you can outside vagina

Precisely what does this all imply? Says Reiner, “You simply cannot fundamentally tell by studying the vagina regardless if you are probably features a baby who has a masculine otherwise a great feminine gender term.”

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teenage Relating to brand new transformation stage from actual and you can emotional innovation one to begins during the onset of adolescence, generally within ages of eleven and you may thirteen, and you may closes with adulthood.

congenital A term one to makes reference to problems that exist from delivery, often while they have been passed down or occurred once the a great fetus arranged about womb.

congenital adrenal hyperplasia A genetic illness that creates the fresh new adrenals and also make excessive testosterone. This might do developmental changes in the fresh new uterus that can cause little one girls as born with has you to definitely made all of them are available partially otherwise completely men.

innovation (within the biology) The growth out-of a system from conception using adulthood, tend to undergoing changes in chemistry, dimensions as well as shape.

dihydrotestosterone (DHT) A masculine sex hormones, or androgen, one to performs an important role throughout the growth of male physical functions and you can reproductive physiology.

feminize (when you look at the biology) Getting a masculine people otherwise animal to adopt real, behavioural otherwise psychological characteristics experienced typical of females.

fetus (Adj. fetal) The definition of to have a great mammal during the the later-development stages in the womb. Having humans, it name often is applied after the eighth day off advancement.

gene (adj. genetic) A segment of DNA one to codes, otherwise holds recommendations, to possess creating a protein. Offspring inherit genes using their mothers. Genes influence how an organism looks and you will behaves.

hormone (in zoology and you will treatments) A substance produced in a beneficial gland and then carried from the blood to a different part of the body. Hormone control many important human anatomy items, particularly growth. Hormone act of the creating otherwise controlling chemicals reactions in the body.

masculinize (inside biology) To possess a female person or animal to adopt actual, behavioral or psychological traits thought typical of males.

mutation Specific transform that occurs to help you an effective gene during the a keen organism’s DNA. Certain mutations occur naturally. Anyone else are going to be brought on by outside items, such as for instance toxic contamination, radiation, pills or something about diet. An excellent gene with this specific change is known as a good mutant.

psychiatry An area off medication where medical professionals study and you can remove problems of your individual head. Providers will get incorporate talking therapies, prescription drugs otherwise both. Those who work with which occupation are called psychiatrists.

testis (plural: testes) The latest body organ on males of several kinds which makes cum, the fresh reproductive cells you to definitely fertilize eggs. It organ also is the primary site which makes testosterone, the key male sex hormonal.

testosterone Whether or not labeled as male sex hormonal, females get this reproductive hormone too (generally into the less quantity). It gets its identity of a mixture of testis (the key organ making it schauen Sie hier inside the males) and you can sterol, a term for many hormones. Highest levels of hormone join the more size, musculature and you may aggressiveness normal of one’s guys in many variety (in addition to individuals).

urology Medical career you to definitely works together with sickness of one’s male and female endocrine system and you can criteria impacting male reproductive areas. Physicians who concentrate on this region are called urologists.


A special hereditary error, otherwise mutation, inhibits your body regarding and work out an enzyme needed to develop DHT. It is a hormone that’s more powerful than testosterone in identifying the male system. Deficiencies in associated with chemical can result in the bodies out-of male students to look feminized. That implies the genitals can get a little – or even completely – end up like a girl’s.


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