In extra analyses, i examined connectivity regarding being obese with 12 months and you will sociodemographic attributes stratified from the sex

All the analyses have been held with the use of the new advanced survey design behavior of your Stata statistical software package adaptation a dozen. I estimated weighted prevalences from being obese because of the seasons and you may contained in this 12 months from the kinds of sociodemographic predictors. Being obese prevalences was in fact compared by the levels of for each and every associate into entry to Rao–Scott ? dos evaluating and you may mГёde Norden kvinder examination to have linear development to possess affordable and you will ordinal predictors, respectively; bookkeeping into advanced questionnaire design. I estimated adjusted frequency percentages of obesity from the quantities of sociodemographic predictors when you look at the every year of questionnaire, through the use of multivariable Poisson regression habits for the record-hook and you may strong quotes out of difference. Fundamentally, we examined the change into the obesity incidence regarding 2005 so you’re able to 2010 complete and by amounts of sociodemographic variables of the quoting adjusted prevalence differences (PD) and you may 95 % count on durations inside the multivariable Poisson regression designs. To choose whether changes in obesity incidence regarding 2005 to help you 2010 differed significantly ranging from levels of sociodemographic predictors, we checked get across-device (interaction) terms ranging from year and you can categories of for every predictor towards the use out-of adjusted Wald examination.

Dining table 1 Frequency from obesity (Bmi ?31 kg/yards 2 ) in the Colombian grownups on the Federal Nutrition Surveys out of 2005 and you will 2010

*N is the full shot frequency for each classification. During the 2005, fifteen anybody and in 2010, twenty-9 some one had shed beliefs getting marital status and you may were excluded in the detailed statistics away from , 2063 someone had shed beliefs to have restaurants insecurity and you may was indeed omitted on descriptive statistics away from food low self-esteem.

‡P values are from this new Rao–Scott ? dos take to to own sex, relationship status, urban/rural and region. For many years, restaurants defense and you can wealth directory, P beliefs represent a test getting pattern out of unadjusted Poisson regression models that have obesity while the outcome and a varying symbolizing categories of one’s ordinal associate once the a continuous predictor.


Suggest Bmi during the 2005 and 2010 was twenty five·2 ( se 0·1) kg/m dos and you can twenty five·eight ( se 0·0) kg/meters 2 , respectively; the difference between the years try 0·5 kilogram/yards 2 (95 % CI 0·4, 0·six kilogram/m 2 ). There have been no big changes in the form of Bmi delivery within questionnaire ages complete otherwise of the sex (Fig. 1). Prevalence away from carrying excess fat when you look at the 2005 and you may 2010 was thirteen·nine ( se 0·3) % and 16·4 ( se 0·2) %, correspondingly. This new PD is dos·seven % (95 % CI 1·9, 3·cuatro %).

Fig. step 1 Body mass index shipments within the Colombian grownups inside the 2005 ( ) and you can 2010 ( ): (a) complete populace; (b) men; (c) female. *Is short for this new portion of population to possess a single device change in Body mass index

Both in decades, brand new frequency of being obese is actually higher in women, professionals old 55–64 ages, the individuals as opposed to restaurants low self-esteem or have been in the large quintiles of your own riches index, and people surviving in cities or even in this new National Territories area (Table step 1). Any of these relationships differed ranging from feminine (online supplementary topic, Supplemental Dining table 2) and you will dudes (on the internet second issue, Supplemental Dining table step 3). Eg, the good connectivity out-of wide range index and dining coverage that have carrying excess fat in questionnaire decades was basically more powerful for the men than just women. Furthermore, the better prevalence of carrying excess fat for the metropolitan in contrast to outlying areas both in questionnaire age was apparent inside the men but not when you look at the feminine.

Within these patterns, variations details incorporated sex, years, relationship updates, dining cover, wealth, urbanicity and you can region of quarters, classified predicated on Dining table step 1

Second, i tested the fresh connections regarding sociodemographic affairs and you will incidence out of carrying excess fat during the for each questionnaire 12 months once adjusting getting possible confounding (Table dos). In ages, carrying excess fat try seriously in the feminine sex, age, and residing brand new Pacific or National Territories places. While inside the 2005 the connection from wide range that have carrying excess fat adopted a dose–impulse gradient, in 2010 this new frequency off obesity is actually similarly highest inside the wide range quintiles 2 so you’re able to 5 as compared with a reduced quintile. By contrast, when you find yourself living in outlying elements (short rural towns otherwise distribute rural parts) was not related to the fresh incidence regarding obesity from inside the 2005, it was associated with the a lowered prevalence compared with urban areas this current year.


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